Canada’s Critical Raw Materials Strategy

A discussion paper on critical raw materials was published in mid-June 2022 by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The paper will be open for public discussion and feedback until mid-September, after which it will be incorporated into a raw materials strategy.

PDAC German Day

With the headline “Strengthening the Ties: Germany and Canada on Their Way to Energy Transition”, current bilateral industry topics in mining were discussed. The panel speakers focused on sustainable directions for critical minerals.

Audi helps drive bio-leaching research

German carmaker Audi is working with the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology on the development of bioleaching methods that use bacteria and innovative membrane technology to mine for transition metals.

Information Event: Developments and Measures for Energy Efficiency and Energy Structure Optimization in the Non-Ferrous Metals and Steel Industry in China (June 2022)

In terms of energy consumption, manufacturing represents the largest sector of the Chinese economy with a proportion of more than 50 percent of final energy use. The steel and non-ferrous metals industry are particularly energy-intensive. In recent years, especially since the national targets for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality were announced in 2020, China is actively taking measures to make production processes more energy-efficient and less carbon-intensive.

Minerals Week 2022: Digitalization and sustainability in the industry

For three days, international and local experts will meet to discuss global trends in digitization and sustainability in mining, organized by Siemens Large Drives, with the sponsorship of SONAMI, Woman in Mining Chile, UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center and German Mining Network.

IHK Chemnitz – New member of the German Mining Network

The new member of the German Mining Network, IHK Chemnitz, is leading and supporting the establishment of the Chamber of Mines in Mozambique to strengthen the mining sector in the region in perspective. The country has the potential to position itself as an important international supplier of raw materials. However, it is dependent on competent and experienced partners and is therefore also relevant for the German raw material supply.

Post-Mining: Trends in Innovation, Collaboration and Value Creation” Webinar

Post-mining and legacy issues present challenges around the globe that can be turned into opportunities for new ventures, collaborations, and innovations to create value from waste and contribute to sustainable and circular mining practices. Against this backdrop, this webinar presented current initiatives from around the world.
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Information Event: Recycling and Comprehensive Utilization of Raw Materials in China (March 2022)

China is highly dependent on imports of various kinds of raw materials from foreign countries. Domestic recycling and reuse of resources therefore is an essential strategy for China to ensure sufficient supply. The Chinese government has been facilitating circular economy development since more than a decade and recycling of raw materials has been further enhanced and improved in recent years. Non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, lead and zinc play a key role in this development.

Circulor partners with Rock Tech Lithium to aid European lithium refinery

Circulor has announced a comprehensive partnership with Rock Tech Lithium and Fraunhofer UMSICHT to ensure the production of German-made lithium hydroxide with the lowest possible environmental impact.
Heavy Mining

Smart Mining Conference

The fourth Smart Mining Conference (SMC2021) had returned on the 17 November 2021, hosted by the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) of RWTH Aachen University and VDMA Mining.

Chile: National and International Call for Lithium

Participate in a public process seeking strategic partners to initiate exploration, exploitation and commercialization activities of new lithium deposits in the country.

Digitalization Trends and Sustainability in the Global Mining Industry

The German Mining Network (GMN) held a webinar on September 22 focusing on digitization trends and sustainability in mining. Over 138 participants from Chile, Germany, Brazil, Ghana, Canada, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Turkey and other parts of the world followed the experts‘ presentations and exchanged views on cutting-edge future trends for the mining industry.

Developments and Measures for Mine Safety in China (August 2021)

In the framework of the newly established Competence Centre for Mining & Mineral Resources, German Industry & Commerce China Beijing, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), organized an Information Event on the topic of “Framework and Developments for Green Mines in China” on 27 April 2021.

“Sawu Bridge” program facilitates matchmaking for German and International mining suppliers in Chile

The Sawu bridge program was born from an alliance between Endeavor, Sawu and BHP and aims to link German and International suppliers with Chilean suppliers in the mining industry, giving them advantageous access to Chilean mining companies.

Minera Centinela opens bidding process for power supply for the Minera Centinela development project

The power requirements of the project, once it is in operation, are estimated at 912 GWh/year, which according to the sustainability policy and in accordance with the Antofagasta Minerals Group's Climate Change Strategy, must be provided solely and exclusively from 100% renewable, traceable and certified energy.

Thiess: Expanding its fleet in Chile with new Liebherr T 264

Thiess expands its 240-tonne fleet range with five new electric drive Liebherr mining trucks, cementing its commitment to growth in the region.
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MiningForum 2022 – The countdown to Germany’s benchmark mining event is on

The Mining Forum 2022 will take place on May 19. & 20. 2022 in the Estrel Berlin convention center. It brings together the industry’s top decision makers, experts and specialists to discuss topics related to mining every two years . The event offers a comprehensive panorama view of various complex topics related to raw materials.
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Status Quo and Perspectives for Smart Mining in China – June 2021

German Industry & Commerce China Beijing (AHK Beijing) organized a hybrid Information Event on the topic of “Status Quo and Perspectives for Smart Mining in China” on 29 June 2021. At the event, two renowned experts from the Chinese mining sector informed more than 40 participants about the latest developments of coal mine intelligization and the current status of electrification of metal mining equipment in China.
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Information Event – Status Quo and Perspectives for Smart Mining in China

AHK China invites you to the online information event on Smart Mining. Representatives of local politics, education and business will present.

Press Release: Siemens Minerals Week

Siemens presents the "Siemens mineral week" from July 20-22. A three-day virtual event broadcasted on CNN.
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Call for Abstracts for the World Resources Forum 2021

Ongoing Call for Abstracts for the World Resources Forum 2021 Conference, which will take place on October 12-14 2021, in an innovative hybrid format (Online, Switzerland, Ghana). Submission deadline for abstracts is July 1st.
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Liebherr excavator R 9600

Australia becomes leading market for unofficial 600 - tonne class excavators.