Antofagasta plc announces investment in Peruvian mining company

Antofagasta Minerals announced an investment in Compañía de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A. The company has entered into agreements allowing the acquisition of a cumulative stake of approximately 19% of the shares.

Wealth Minerals and BASF Initiate Collaboration for the Development of Lithium Projects in Chile

Wealth Minerals and BASF have agreed to work together on the extraction, processing, and refining of lithium and other substances in the Salares de Atacama and Ollagüe in northern Chile.

Innovation Call: TAD Open House

Welcome to the Think & Act Differently (TAD) Open House powered by BHP.

BioMetals Open Call

Help us explore the use of biotechnology within the mining sector, whilst applying your expertise to a potentially new industry! Do you have biologically focused ideas, applications or solutions that could help improve our industry?

C A S E R O N E S M I N E C H A L L E N G E: “Classification and traceability of cathodes in Electrowinning”

The copper cathodes harvesting operation at Caserones Mine
electrowinning (EW) facility includes a continuous stripping
machine that is fed by the cathodes selected by the operators
through a visual inspection.

BHP Global Water Challenge selects 11 initiatives to improve water efficiency in mining

At the Demo Day, eleven global solutions were selected as part of BHP’s Global Water Challenge, an international call for proposals aimed at identifying potential disruptive solutions for the sustainable improvement of water efficiency in the mining industry through innovation and technology.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric conducts cabinet reshuffle with five changes

On Wednesday 16 August, Chilean President Gabriel Boric made his third cabinet reshuffle, replacing ministers and secretaries of state for Social and Family Affairs, Education, Mines, National Assets and Culture. With this move, Boric is trying to improve the tense relations with the opposition and advance his government’s agenda.

Mission Critical: German Engagement in Canadian and Australian Mineral Markets – A German Mining Network Online Seminar

Critical Minerals are essential for the energy transition and new technologies. Germany is highly dependent on imports of those minerals. However, what are the strategies available to German companies to secure access to those crucial ingredients of future technologies? Which of these strategies do companies actually draw on? Are German companies becoming more active in international mineral markets?

The Peruvian mining sector is currently evolving towards the integration of open innovation models. This evolution is linked to operational challenges and supplier innovation capacities, based on which collaborative value creation is emerging, changing the way the industry works.

VIII. German-Peruvian Raw Materials Forum – Partnership for efficient and sustainable mining

On July 5, 2023, the AHK Peru will organize this year’s VIII. German-Peruvian Raw Materials Forum on the topic: partnership for efficient and sustainable mining.