At the Demo Day, eleven global solutions were selected as part of BHP’s Global Water Challenge, an international call for proposals aimed at identifying potential disruptive solutions for the sustainable improvement of water efficiency in the mining industry through innovation and technology.

According to information provided by the mining company, the global call aims to address various challenges faced by BHP in its operations at Escondida, Legacy Assets, Nickel West, and Olympic Dam. These challenges include minimizing brine discharge from reverse osmosis, treating accumulated acidic water in non-operational pits, addressing hypersaline groundwater, treating neutral effluents from leaching, and managing the treatment and reuse of recovered tailings.

Ecotechnol, Aquafortus, Universidad de Concepción, Gradiant, Pavilion Renewables, Tersa Earth Innovations, and Deakin University are the companies and institutions behind the 11 solutions presented at the Demo Day, advancing to a new working phase with BHP.

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