Mission Critical: German Engagement in Canadian and Australian Mineral Markets – A German Mining Network Online Seminar

Critical Minerals are essential for the energy transition and new technologies. Germany is highly dependent on imports of those minerals. However, what are the strategies available to German companies to secure access to those crucial ingredients of future technologies? Which of these strategies do companies actually draw on? Are German companies becoming more active in international mineral markets?

The Peruvian mining sector is currently evolving towards the integration of open innovation models. This evolution is linked to operational challenges and supplier innovation capacities, based on which collaborative value creation is emerging, changing the way the industry works.

VIII. German-Peruvian Raw Materials Forum – Partnership for efficient and sustainable mining

On July 5, 2023, the AHK Peru will organize this year’s VIII. German-Peruvian Raw Materials Forum on the topic: partnership for efficient and sustainable mining.

German Suppliers’ Guide for Mining in Peru 2023: New Printedition and Online Portal

The AHK Peru is producing a new print version and updating the online portal of the German Suppliers’ Guide for Mining in Peru. German companies and their representatives offering technologies, products and services for the mining sector can register.

Volkswagen focuses on North America: Canada chosen as the location for PowerCo SE’s first Gigafactory outside of Europe

Volkswagen strengthens its commitment to North America with PowerCo SE’s first Gigafactory in Canada.

DERA Rohstoffinformationen: Lithium risk assessment

The availability of mineral raw materials and their secure and sustainable supply is essential for the German economy. As a major industrial nation with resource-intensive processing industries and only limited domestic mine production, Germany is dependent on imports.

Hatch and Küttner join to become Europe’s leading provider of sustainable industrial processes, novel green technologies, and battery solutions

Essen, Germany— Hatch has announced the integration of Küttner into its group of companies. Together, Hatch Küttner becomes Europe’s leading provider of complex engineering and technology services for the metals, energy, and infrastructure market sectors.

Chile, salt lakes and Lithium: Current status of Production

The Salar de Atacama is the deposit with the best conditions for lithium mining in the world. The concentration in this place is 1,500 parts per million.