To make the transition to a clean and sustainable economy, we will need more copper in the next 30 years than we have ever mined in the past. In addition, we will need to double current global production.

As society becomes more electrified in its quest to reduce emissions, copper will increasingly be needed to build electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar cells, batteries and more.

A dedicated Cooperative Research Center (CRC) will bring industry and research together to help the copper industry achieve its ESG goals while remaining profitable and solving challenges throughout the copper value chain:

  • Create societal value
  • Enable sustainable production growth
  • Enable cost and risk sharing
  • Accelerate and disseminate promising technologies.

The Copper For Tomorrow team is seeking partners and engaging with stakeholders to develop the proposed programs.

In addition to Australian universities, key project partners from industry include BHP, Reformé, IMDEX and Scantech. The research center is to be industry-led and industry-defined. The research providers will provide the staff, facilities and training needed to address the challenges identified by industry.

For more information on the project and bidding procedure please visit: Copper For Tomorrow