Digitalization Trends and Sustainability in the Global Mining Industry

The German Mining Network (GMN) held a webinar on September 22 focusing on digitization trends and sustainability in mining. Over 138 participants from Chile, Germany, Brazil, Ghana, Canada, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Turkey and other parts of the world followed the experts‘ presentations and exchanged views on cutting-edge future trends for the mining industry.

Developments and Measures for Mine Safety in China (August 2021)

In the framework of the newly established Competence Centre for Mining & Mineral Resources, German Industry & Commerce China Beijing, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), organized an Information Event on the topic of “Framework and Developments for Green Mines in China” on 27 April 2021.

“Sawu Bridge” program facilitates matchmaking for German and International mining suppliers in Chile

The Sawu bridge program was born from an alliance between Endeavor, Sawu and BHP and aims to link German and International suppliers with Chilean suppliers in the mining industry, giving them advantageous access to Chilean mining companies.

Minera Centinela opens bidding process for power supply for the Minera Centinela development project

The power requirements of the project, once it is in operation, are estimated at 912 GWh/year, which according to the sustainability policy and in accordance with the Antofagasta Minerals Group’s Climate Change Strategy, must be provided solely and exclusively from 100% renewable, traceable and certified energy.