In recent years, Chile and Peru have broken new ground in organizing innovation in the mining sector by establishing targeted innovation networks and hubs to accelerate the development and application of new technologies and improve collaboration between startups, mining companies, research centers and technology providers. This development offers exciting new opportunities for German suppliers and technology companies, as well as research partners, to participate in the programs of these Innovation Hubs.

Against this backdrop, the German Mining Network hosted a webinar on December 06 that provided insights into two of the leading Innovation Hubs in Peru and Chile, the “Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú” and “Alta Ley” in Chile, and provided an overview of the specific opportunities for German and international companies to participate in tenders, challenges and open innovation programs, as well as opportunities for cross-domain collaboration.

Nearly 50 participants followed the presentations by experts Jorge Barrios (Alta Ley) and Pamela Antonioli (Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú). The dynamic question and answer sessions and the panel discussion after the presentations with the experts from “Alta Ley” and the “Hub de Minería del Perú”, as well as with Daniel Escalante from the network “Sammi – Cluster Minero Andino”, highlighted the great interest in linking different initiatives from Peru and Chile with German suppliers and universities in the development of the mining ecosystem of the two countries.

The recording of the event and the presentations are available under the following link: