Aarti Sörensen and Elisabeth Clausen of RWTH Aachen unravel the meaning of the term ‘smart mining’ and explain its potential impact on the industry’s future.

Article excerpt:
Digital technologies have the potential to deliver significant improvements in mining by boosting the quality and availability of information which, in turn, can lead to productivity gains. In addition, meaningful digital technologies can help reduce the environmental impact. It is therefore assumed that they will be key to the sustainability of the mining industry or, at least, to enable signifi cant improvements. It is widely accepted that the future of mining is “smart.” However, as is often the case with popular slogans, the exact meaning is becoming increasingly fuzzy. This article provides an overview of smart mining as a term, concept and global trend.

An extended version of this article first appeared in Mining Report magazine.

To read more please see: https://www.e-mj.com/departments/best-of-germany/the-future-of-mining-is-smart/