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CHALLENGE: SG-02-2022 “Chemical analysis by particle size fractions in flotation feed and tailings”

April 13, 2022

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General Aspects:

To maximize the efficiency of the flotation process, it is important to have previously released the copper in the crushing and milling stages, minimizing the presence of this element in the ultrafine fraction (-15 µm). Currently, for operational control, the Sierra Gorda concentrator plant has a chemical element analyzer (Courier) that determines copper, molybdenum and iron, while for the quantification of the particle size distribution, it has an equipment called PSI, which allows determining the size distribution in the range of 15 to 300 µm.

Objective and Scope:

Identify solutions or technological developments that allow obtaining chemical analysis by particle size fractions on-line for feed to flotation cells and tailings flows. This information will allow a proactive operational control in case of important changes in the flotation feed and/or in the tailings, in order to optimize the efficiency of the process.

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